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Can I Use Fixed Income To Qualify For A Cash Advance?

Payday2go works with a wide network of lenders and in our years of experience we have found that most lenders will approve a cash advance if you are on fixed income. If you receive any of the following, social security, pension or disability benefits, retirement benefits, or any other steady income you should still apply for a cash advance or pay day loan. Even if you do not have full time employment and instead are on a fixed income, you may still be able to get a loan from one of our trusted lenders. We understand that any person, employed or not, may find themselves in a situation where they need a little extra help until they get a chance to catch up on their finances. That is why our lender network is committed to helping individuals on a fixed income with their cash advance applications.

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To find out more about qualifying if you are on a fixed income and how we can help you get the money you need until you receive your next benefits check, click on the links provided below:

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